Unknown Caller Scam

This is general advice when dealing with unknown callers.

There have been examples of people being called with claims that the resident has not paid a bill or is entitled to a tax rebate. The scam comes about when they start asking for personal details, especially bank details. These are the warning signs. They may try to scare you into revealing your details by saying that they will cut your phone line like the BT scam, or a host of other techniques to scare you or befriend you.

What is key here is that they have called you and you can't be sure they work for the company they say they do. Simply ask for a name and a telephone number they can be contacted on and say that you are going to confirm if the call is legitimate. What will most likely happen in a scam call is the caller will become evasive, aggressive or they will hang up. 

If they do provide you with details contact the company using a number from the phone book or internet site to confirm the details. A legitimate caller will be more than happy for you to do this.

Companies never operate in this manner and knowing of these types of scams is an essential tool in fighting them.

  • If you have any information relating to incidents or crimes,  call 0345 123 33 33.
  • In an emergency call 999.
  • Call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 with information about crime.

For any queries or changes to community messaging contact details, please call 0345 123 33 33 and ask for your Divisional Community Information Officer.