The Risks of Key Holding

Being a key holder yourself or asking other members of staff to be key holders and to respond to alarm activations outside normal hours can be both costly and a significant burden to impose on staff. As well as causing inconvenience it can also have a number of potentially serious implications including:

  • Risk to the individual
  • Corporate manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act
  • Insurance conformity
  • Lone worker risk

As Directors of the company, you can be held liable for any out of hour's accidents that occur.

BusinessWatch Members in group schemes can now benefit from the managed service provided by the Chamber's Business Security team, BusinessWatch. The key holding peace of mind service includes:

  • No annual service charge
  • Standard call out charges should a Security Officer be asked to respond
  • No need to provide keys to third party security companies
  • Detailed process agreed with you covering the course of action to be taken

Remove the risks to your staff responding to alarm calls out of office hours and remove the potential risk resulting from any incidents.

In addition to overcoming the problems of in-house key holding the Business Security team can also help manage your security including the facilitation of other services such as:

  • Unlock / Lock Up Services
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Lone Worker protection

Employers must ask themselves whether it is reasonable to ask staff to attend alarm activations late at night or at the weekends. Is acting as a key-holder in their contracts? Have they been trained? Has been done to look after them at these vulnerable times? Often it can be inconvenient and potentially dangerous.

For more information on how BusinessWatch can help your business address its key holding issues and resolve other pressing security matters, please contact the BusinessWatch Team on 01246 212909, email  or click view our member benefits.